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We help executives who are sabotaged by imposter thoughts go from striving to thriving, in their career and relationships, by improving their mental fitness.

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Picture of Lara (caucasian female with short brown hair wearing glasses and a brown flannel shirt), holding a sign that says "BE ALL IN ON YOUR DREAMS"
About Lara - Chief life coach


As a corporate executive I experienced burnout, overthinking, and relentless self-judgement. It was exhausting.

Now, I am reconnected with my intuition, and I am uninhibited tapping into my creative energy and solving problems. I want this for you!

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Let's Change your Operating System

You know you are looking for change. We will start with a focus on what you can control, immediately, how you do you, your operating system.


Real Clients

Lara’s coaching was the perfect mix of exploration and structured planning. We dove deeper than I would have expected, which was a lovely surprise. Lara also paired that depth with a ton of actionable strategies to help me take action on what I learned. I’ve got more tools to work with after digging in with Lara.

Jenny N.

Lara – You are so incredibly gifted in the ability to synthesize and package a lot of complex emotional thoughts. I am feeling so grateful to have met you on this journey. Rereading the session in this format is powerful feedback. I love this analysis.

Elizabeth Mc.

Lara is an incredible listener. At the beginning of each session, she let me take the lead and tell her what I wanted to work on that week. This allowed us to focus on what was most relevant and make the most of our time together. I truly feel like I have established new ways of thinking that serve me well and improve my overall happiness – both in and outside of work.

Laura K.

Don’t let your inner saboteurs win.

You have already tried a few programs, mentors and coaches. Some good changes stuck, some did not. Your saboteurs will tell you that you were the problem, that you can’t sustain lasting change. I disagree 100%. That is why my programs have a money-back guarantee. Let’s walk through the program together in a free consultation: